Why Gippsland Solar

"Our Solar for Business team is one of Australia's largest & most professional installation team..."

Over 400 years combined experience

Over 4,000 systems installed across Victoria

Chosen provider for some of Victoria's largest infrastructure projects

EPC provider of choice for utility-scale installations

Our Solar for Business team is one of Australia’s largest and most professional installation team, delivering end-to-end project management at every scale, from small family businesses, to MegaWatt commercial and industrial installations.

The reputation of our in-house team of engineers, technicians and support staff is first-class, having delivered turn-key solar solutions to schools, hospitals, government buildings and industrial sites across Victoria, under tight deadlines to the highest commercial standards.

It’s a reputation we’re incredibly proud of, and while our capabilities and experience have only grown over the years, our founding principals remain the same: an absolute commitment to reducing your business’ running costs, with unmatched levels of ongoing service and support.

That’s why we work with only the best technology suppliers in the business, leveraging our extensive relationships which span globally to ensure we design the best possible systems tailored to the needs of your business.

From up front energy audits predicting the scale of your commercial solar savings, through end-to-end in-house project management, our Solar for Business team streamlines your installation, managing the entire project on your behalf and minimising your downtime.

Our ongoing Operation & Maintenance contracts ensure your investment performs at its optimum for decades to come, while our exclusive energy market buying power gets the very best deal on your electricity contract.

In order to provide a truly complete offering, we’ve invested heavily in our post-installation technical team, to provide real-time monitoring of your system. This gives us the ability to diagnose issues remotely as they arise, and dispatch technicians quickly to keep your system operating efficiently.

Gippsland Solar truly are you complete solar and storage experts.