Leveraging the Latest Technology

"The key to Gippsland Solar's success is innovation."

The key to Gippsland Solar’s success is innovation. We are constantly reinvesting in the latest technology, striving to improve our design and modelling whenever we can. Using the latest 3D drone modelling, and a unique design program from the USA, we are able to accurately model and predict your solar returns.

The benefits of this innovation are many and varied. Instead of making assumptions on your expected solar production, we are able to produce a performance guarantee that is perfectly suited to your situation. By analysing the height of surrounding objects, and tracking the sun’s path every hour and every day of the year, we can provide a video that shows exactly how your system will perform throughout the year.

The experience after installation is where Gippsland Solar really separate ourselves from the pack. With remote monitoring and email fault alerts, we know exactly what is happening with your system. And with 20+ support vehicles across Victoria, our fleet tracking program can locate the nearest service vehicle to you, and dispatch them to a site with the highest efficiency. This after-care service minimises your downtime, and protects your investment in solar power.