Getting Started With Us

How do I proceed from here?

Gippsland Solar provides a full in-house consultation, and we go above and beyond simply installing the system. Our full package includes:

Step 1 – We sit down with you at your business, analyse your power bills and determine the right size system for you.

Step 2 – We provide a comprehensive tailored proposal, with customised performance figures, payback graphs and return-on-investment figures over the life of the system.

Step 3 – We organise commercial finance through one of our licensed financial partners. In most cases, you will save more on your power bill per month that your total monthly repayments anyway! CASHFLOW POSITIVE FROM DAY ONE!

Step 4 – We liaise with the electricity distributor and manage the application for the solar power pre-approval on your behalf. This is a very complicated procedure, but we manage the entire process for you.

Step 5 – Once the approval is granted, we arrange for the equipment to be delivered and installed by our commercial solar team. We also provide JSA’s, adhere to Working at Heights regulations, and ensure there is little or no impact on the operation of your business. We can also organise generator backup, or commission the system on weekends, if you don’t want the system commissioned during business hours.

Step 6 – Once the system is installed and inspected, we managed the solar meter application with your electricity retailer.

Step 7 – Once your solar meter is installed, we negotiate with various electricity retailers to make sure you are getting the best deal. Our extensive history and relationships with the electricity retailers means that we can usually save you a significant amount on the cost of your electricity. This extra step sets us apart from the competition, and further enhances the benefits of your solar power system.