Penguin Parade Visitors Centre

Project Highlights

Solar Panels: LG NeON2 black frame solar panels
Inverters: 2 x 27kW Fronius European inverters
Power Production: Approx. 74,000 kWh’s per year
Carbon Savings: Approx. 100 Tonnes per year
Annual Savings: Approx. $90,000

In 2017, Gippsland Solar was contracted by Phillip Island Nature Parks to install a 58.5kW system on the roof of the Nobbies Centre at Summerlands.

After a series of site visits and consultations, and a thorough assessment of our work policies and practises, Gippsland Solar was awarded the project by PINP, being chosen through a competitive tender process. This decision was based on our ability to understand and mitigate issues around the extreme Nobbies Centre location, and especially our track record with other large-scale installations.

The Gippsland Solar team installed a system comprising 180 solar panels and 2 x Fronius inverters, with full remote monitoring, and email alerts in the unlikely event of a system failure.

The Nobbies Centre building is located high on the bluff, and subjected to the strongest winds of any site we have worked on (in 2016, a twister caused significant damage to the roof sheets on the building). Combined with the extreme exposure to salt mist and coastal winds, it was clear that this project required the most intimate detail to ensure a successful outcome.

After spending a great deal of time understanding the challenges, the Gippsland Solar team decided to engineer a solution that was tailored to the site. We chose LG NeON2 panels, with the highest wind loading and salt mist rating on the market. The panels (and even the framing system) were powder coated black, so the system would blend into the roof nicely. We also chose a Schletter framing system, which is the most durable on the market, and has been certified for the specific conditions at the Nobbies Centre.

The finished result is one that our team is incredibly proud of. Working through the wind and freezing conditions in peak winter, we were able to deliver this project safely, and to the highest standard.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from CEO Catherine Basterfield, and her Phillip Island team is testament to the professionalism of the Gippsland Solar projects department.