Newhaven College

Project Highlights

Solar Panels: 800 x JA Solar 260W premium panels
Inverters: 8 x Fronius Eco 27.6kW inverters
Power Production: Approx. 350,000 kWh’s per year
Carbon Savings: Approx. 480 Tonnes per year
Annual Savings: Approx. $60,000 per year

  • Production/consumption monitoring with Fronius Smart Meter.
  • Consolidated into 7 year cashflow neutral finance package.

In 2017 Newhaven College realised a long held vision to install a large-scale solar array on the roof of their school. Gippsland Solar’s experience in the education sector, including a previous (and very successful) 200kW installation at Gippsland Grammar, was a major factor in Newhaven’s decision to engage Gippsland Solar. The in-house team at Gippsland Solar were engaged to provide a tailored solar and educational solution for the school, which involved some of the most complex wireless technology available on the market.

The only catch was that the entire project had to be implemented during the school holidays! With only a few weeks to plan and prepare the project, our team of engineers and project managers devised a detailed plan and scope of the works, ensuring that everything was ready to go from the first morning onsite. We then mobilised our in-house team of 13 installers to come in on the first day of the holidays, and work weekends, long days and evenings for the two week period, to deliver this project on time.

Not only was our team able to deliver a month’s worth of project in only two weeks, but Newhaven College commented that the entire project ran incredibly smoothly, with no impact on the operation of the school.

Our team overcame challenges, cleaned up the site, and adhered to the strict safety standard that Newhaven College require.

This project included a 237 kW Solar Power system, spread across the 3 main buildings. This installation is also connected to our in-house remote monitoring program, so our office staff can check for any system performance issues, and ensure that the system keeps delivering the maximum projection for decades to come.

This entire package was bundled into a 7 year finance deal, with no deposit required. Newhaven College will now use the savings from this system to pay off the finance for the next 7 years (cashflow neutral or slightly positive), and after that, the benefits are all theirs, for 10-15 years into the future! Newhaven College will be hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead over the 20+ year life expectancy of the system, even after taking out the repayments.