Sale Hospital

Project Highlights

Solar Panels: 1,140 x JA 290W premium panels
Inverters: 8 x 27kW Fronius European inverters
Power Production: Approx. 420,000 kWh’s per year
Carbon Savings: Approx. 511 Tonnes per year

In 2017, Gippsland Solar was contracted by Central Gippsland Health Service to install a 260kW system on the roof of the Sale Hospital, and a 70kW on Wilson Lodge next door.

After a series of site visits and consultations, and a thorough assessment of our work policies and practices, Gippsland Solar was awarded the project by CGHS, being ahead of some of Australia’s largest solar providers. This decision was based on our expertise, ability to overcome logistical and policy challenges on a unionised worksite, and especially our track record with other large-scale installations.

This Gippsland Solar team installed a system comprising of 1,140 solar panels and 8 x Fronius inverters, with full remote monitoring, and email alerts in the unlikely event of a system failure.

This installation is one of the most complex we have ever worked on. Adhering to quiet times during theatre operations, managing the power shutdown within CGHS guidelines, and commissioning after hours, the Gippsland Solar team were challenged at every turn to deliver this project.

The feedback from CGHS at the completion of this project was overwhelmingly positive, with its project managers saying that Gippsland Solar’s tradesmen were some of the most professional they have ever worked with. They also praised our team for the ability to work on a large and heavily regulated site, with no interruption to the operation of the hospital.

We also provided some work experience to the CGHS apprentice electrician, and were so impressed that we offered to take over his apprenticeship, with the blessing of CGHS. Tyler is now working full-time in our team, and building a bright future in renewable energy.