Fishers Pallets

Project Highlights

Solar Panels: 400 x Yingli solar panels
Inverters: 5 x Fronius Symo 20kW inverters
Power Production: Approx. 350,000 kWh’s per year
Carbon Savings: Approx. 480 Tonnes per year
Annual Savings: Approx. $40,000

As one of Australia’s largest producers of timber pallets, Fishers Group made the wise decision to take advantage of Government rebates, and install a large-scale Solar Power system to meet most of their electricity needs.

In mid-late 2014, Fishers Group undertook a competitive Tender process to select the provider. Gippsland Solar were awarded the contract to install the 100 kiloWatt system, which included 400 x Yingli solar panels and 5 x 20kW Fronius inverters. This system will produce nearly as much power as the plant uses each year, and should save them approximately $40,000 per year on their electricity costs (even just at current rates). It will also abate approximately 170 Tonnes of carbon dioxide every year!

This system is almost remotely monitored, with our team able to check the system performance from their smartphones at any time. This monitoring helped us to identify that an isolator had tripped out on the system, and we were able to check the system before the client even knew there was an issue!

Fishers Group Managing Director, Lewis Fisher was full of praise for Gippsland Solar, and the way the team conducted themselves.

As you can see in the above graph, the savings in the first 4 months alone were over $10,000, which is even greater than we had promised them!

“We were very comfortable using Gippsland Solar for this project. Having a trusted local company with local workers, who will be there well into the future to support their system and installation, gave us the ultimate peace of mind. The installation went very smoothly; from adherence to OH&S during the installation, communication with us throughout the project and the professionalism of the installation team, our solar power system went in without a hitch.”

Lewis Fisher
Managing Director, Fishers Pallets