Bagots Dairy

Project Highlights

Solar Panels: 174 x JA Solar Panels
Inverters: 2 x Fronius Symo 20 with remote monitoring
System Capacity: 45kW installed east/west/north
Power Production: Approx. 55,000 kWh’s per year
Carbon Savings: Approx. 66 Tonnes per year

  • CarbonTRACK system to divert excess solar into loads

In 2016, Gippsland Solar were chosen as the provider for a cutting-edge solar installation at Chris Bagot’s dairy in Jindivick.

Solar power for a dairy rarely makes financial sense, as the average dairy uses a lot of electricity outside of sunlight hours.

Typically, a dairy farm would be feeding a lot of power into the grid for 6c, and drawing from the grid at full rates in the evening.

By conducting a thorough analysis of their usage, and utilising the very latest technology available, Gippsland Solar were able to design and install the ideal system of Chris and his dairy.

The CarbonTRACK system we installed will take the excess solar that would have gone into the grid, and feed it into hot water, plate cooling, and any other loads that the dairy can take advantage of. This setup will dramatically cut the dairy’s night-time usage, and provide the greatest possible return on investment.

After analysing the power usage at the dairy, Gippsland Solar also designed the solar array to face north, but also east and west, to spread the solar generation from sunrise through to sunset.

Our admin team is now remotely monitoring the solar power production and savings, as we will also receive an email from the inverter in the unlikely event of a system failure.

Chris is using a significant amount of his solar directly, almost 65% per day on average. This compares favourably with other dairies, who would typically use only 15-20% of their solar during the day.

The system we installed for Chris is also performing above expectations, as a result of using the highest quality products on the market. This investment is set to reap huge rewards for Chris over the years, and reduce his overheads in a challenging industry.