Anderlea Farms

Project Highlights

Solar Panels: 190 x Solar Panels
Inverters: 2x Fronius Inverters
Power Production: Approx. 55,000kWh
Carbon Savings: Approx. 92 Tonnes per year
Annual Savings: $15,000

In late 2017, Ross Anderson decided to take control of his spiralling energy prices, and installed a cutting-edge solar power system on his dairy at Anderlea Farms. After our projects team spent a considerable amount of time analysing the farm’s electricity usage, it was clear that a traditional solar power system was not suitable for Anderlea Farms. Their usage was mostly hot water, and their daytime usage was quite low, so they would be feed a large percentage of their electricity into the grid.

Our commercial team went to work on a custom solution, tracking down an innovative product from Europe that would take advantage of their excess solar power. Instead of feed the grid for 10c per kWh, this system diverted the excess solar power into their hot water storage tanks, saving Anderlea Farms 24c per kWh in off-peak water heating.

This system is also remotely monitored, streaming data constantly to our online portal.

After tracking the savings in the first few months, it was already clear that this system has dramatically reduced the power bills for Anderlea Farms. Increasing their solar self-consumption by over 25%, the financial return is now greatly improved, and Ross is now showing a number of local farmers around his dairy to explain what he has achieved.