Agriculture & Farming

With ever increasing energy prices, agricultural businesses are taking advantage of solar power systems to reduce their overheads and increase profit.

Through Gippsland Solar’s high level of experience and careful analysis of energy usage requirements of a variety of agricultural businesses, we are able to provide custom solar solutions with access to the very latest technology to meet each farms unique needs.

Anderlea Farms

In late 2017, Ross Anderson decided to take control of his spiralling energy prices, and installed a cutting-edge solar power system on his dairy at Anderlea Farms.

Bagots Dairy

In 2016, Gippsland Solar were chosen as the provider for a cutting-edge solar installation at Chris Bagot’s dairy in Jindivick.

Prom Country Cheese

Prom Country Cheese, nestled amongst the rolling, green hills of South Gippsland, is a boutique cheese farm, factory and cafe run by Burke and Bronwyn Brandon.