Business, Meet Solar

'It's an astounding figure that's growing rapidly as more businesses discover the huge opportunity that solar provides...'

The financial case for businesses converting to solar power has never been stronger.

Thanks to revolutionary innovations in solar technology, and Australia’s ever-increasing price of electricity, more and more businesses are making the switch to solar to slash their running costs.

Gippsland Solar’s dedicated Solar for Business team is proud to have been at the forefront of this exciting growth industry, installing more than 10 MegaWatts of solar panels on thousands of Victorian homes and businesses, from small retail premises to large-scale installations on hospitals, schools, government buildings and more.

It’s an astounding figure that’s growing rapidly as more businesses discover the huge opportunity that solar provides. That is running your business on renewable energy at a cheaper rate than mains power, frozen electricity prices which insulate business against future rate increases, no upfront costs, and ultimately a healthier bottom line.

With more than 400 years combined experience in the solar power industry, Gippsland Solar is delivering incredible savings to countless businesses.

From comprehensive feasibility studies, to managing your supply contracts, Gippsland Solar leverages its in-house expertise to completely overhaul your business’ energy costs, providing electricity up to 50% cheaper than currently available on the retail energy market.

Gippsland Solar have helped thousands of homes and businesses reduce their overheads through cheaper, cleaner, hassle-free electricity. Call our Solar for Business team today for a comprehensive energy audit, and discover the scale of solar savings we can achieve for your business.

Why Solar Works for your Business

Cash-flow positive results from day one*

Gippsland Solar tailors and designs solar systems for businesses of every scale, providing electricity at up to 50% cheaper than what you are currently paying. Our system ensures savings on energy bills and running costs greater than any repayments or set up costs for the system.

No deposit upfront, finance for over 5 or 10 years*

Gippsland Solar will organise finance or a lease agreement that allows your business to invest in solar, with no deposit upfront and cash flow positive finance terms over 5 or 10 years.

Up to 20 years of free electricity*

With the average commercial solar system paid off over 5 years, and many solar product warranties now available at up to 25 years, you can essentially achieve up to 20 years of free electricity once your system is paid off. Ensure your business is insulated against rising energy prices, while other businesses foot the bill.

Performance Guarantee

Gippsland Solar can provide performance guarantees on systems 100kW and above, providing you with absolute security on your investment.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: *Cash Flow Positive: Subject to individual business circumstances, running costs and solar system installed. No Deposit Upfront Finance over 5 Years: Subject to your ability to source appropriate finance and finance offers available at the time. Subject to approval and your own circumstances. 20 Years of Free Electricity: Subject to capital expenditure or finance required to obtain your Solar system and the product warranty of the specific system installed. This does not take into account any maintenance or running costs of the system installed or changes in government policy over the lifetime of your system.