Cut your costs with solar for business.

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Gippsland Solar is now a wholly owned subsidiary of RACV. Founded in 2010, Gippsland Solar (now RACV Solar) has become one of the largest and most trusted renewable energy EPC’s in Australia. Our ability to deliver turnkey solar and storage solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale clients is unique in the industry. With in-house teams of installers, engineers and operations monitoring our systems in real-time every day, Gippsland Solar has forged a reputation as the provider of choice for some of Australia’s largest and most complex renewable energy projects.

Recent industry data* confirms that Gippsland Solar is the largest provider of 10-100kW commercial systems in Victoria, and comfortably inside the top 10 nationally. At the time of publication. Gippsland Solar have delivered the largest solar and/or battery installation on a hospital, school and residential home in Australia.

Is solar right for your business?

The economics of Solar Power

Reduced Overheads &
Increased Profits

Lower, or in some cases zero power bills, mean lower overheads and increased profits.

Zero Deposit Finance &
Cash-Flow Positive

Many systems require no deposit upfront, and with most monthly repayments outstripped by your power bill savings, solar frees up cash to invest in other parts of your business.

End-to-End Project

With Gippsland Solar you’re working with an experienced and trusted team that handles your project from start-to-finish.

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

With customers increasingly choosing environmentally responsible organisations, reduce your carbon footprint and give them a clear choice.

Solar in action

Gippsland Solar is well established in the large-scale sector, and our large-scale Solar projects division is now the largest area of our business. We have installed many systems for local councils, architects, builders, medium and large-scale businesses, and our experience in project management sets us apart from the competition.

Awards & Accreditations